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Dear guests,
We're moving!
Our restaurant is unfortunately closed during this time!
We will inform you as soon as our renovation work has been completed.


Your Caribella Team!


Kostenlose Lieferservice ab 20 Euro.
Wir bringen Ihr Essen und die Getränke schnell und bequem nach Hause oder direkt zu Ihrem Arbeitsplatz. Jetzt anrufen und sofort bestellen! Tel: +49 201 649 389 32 Please place your order now, we deliver, you enjoy! Wir liefern, Du genießt! We bring the food and drinks directly to you! Wir sind immer gut erreichbar
Jackson-Five-Burger mit Sweet Potato
The American Standard
I'm the person who wouldn't send back my food even if I got steak when I'd ordered fish.
XXXL Uncle T-Burger. Loaded with signature grill, Outrageously delicious by anyone’s standards.
SPARE RIBS DAY & BURGER DAY. Bitte nur bei vorheriger Anmeldung und Reservierung!
Our Washington, D.C. Cut ribs. Entry point into the Washington, D.C. We welcome you with our Cut ribs.
TAG DER REIBEKUCHEN & CHICKEN WINGS TAG. Bitte nur bei vorheriger Anmeldung und Reservierung!
If you’ve been meaning to call your friends, you might as well watch the game with them at Cari Bella
Geburtstagsfeier & Privatparty 1 Flasche Sekt Gratis!
Angry Burger. The perfect match for you. Grab it now!
HAPPY HOUR & SCHNITZEL TAG. Bitte nur bei vorheriger Anmeldung und Reservierung!
This cocktail is born in New York, everything from top-notch classics to boozy frozen drinks to Bloody Marys that you’ll want to sip long after brunch ends.
Sidle up to the bar for the best cocktails Cari Bella has to offer you.

Welcome to Cari Bella Restaurant Bar and Lounge!

Cari Bella is an international restaurant. A place to experience marvelous food and all type of drinks to wash your meal down.
Everything we do goes into making our hearty meals stand out.

We handcraft almost everything we serve.
That all guests receive prompt friendly and courteous service ensuring comfort and care is our highest priority.

We will strive to offer authentically Cari Bella´s experience, remembering always the unique and special environment in which we operate. Our aim is to provide a first class night out for everybody. We offer a handpicked tariff of top Drinks and international lagers to compliment a daily menu of uncomplicated, freshly prepared international pub grub.

If you are looking for a cozy romantic getaway, a unique family outing, a private party, the ideal reception dinner for children and adults, or a majestic wedding ceremony led by an authentic teamwork.
Cari Bella provides the setting for any occasion.

Cari Bella is more than a restaurant, more than a bar, more than a lounge it is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our way of discovering what we love was to create a Cari Bella restaurant bar & Lounge.